Good health is that the birthright of each kid. each national ought to be granted this right. it's vital for all people to know the importance of fine health and adapt their habits, surroundings, food etc. physiological condition is important for a decent life. So, health education is one such side of health, wherever people square measure schooled concerning physiological condition, what it refers to, the way to attain it and maintain yourself healthy. Health Education ought to be a crucial a part of faculty information. The course covers emotional, Intellectual, physical, mental and social health. youngsters square measure to be schooled concerning health at terribly young age, in order that they will maintain for themselves a healthy style. For a developing countries massively stuck by economic condition, the actual variety of education is indispensable. economic condition is that the root explanation for several health problems. Therefore, all developing countries will attempt to overpower its economic condition to some extent.
It is aforementioned, health is wealth. If you're healthy you're made, if you're unhealthy, all of your wealth would be wasted in medical treatments. Therefore, to guide an expensive life, it's necessary to remain healthy. Health Education is one medium that may bridge the gap between unhealthy you and healthy practices. varied aspects of heath educations are:
1.              Knowing the preventive measures for varied diseases
2.              Preferring bar over cure
3.              Identifying what reasonably medical support is required in varied things
4.              Adopting healthy style habits
5.              Promote personal still as community health
6.              Know the way to respond in associate emergency state of affairs
7.              Knowing the way to forestall common childhood injuries
8.              Know the validity of health product and services
9.              Know the influence of technology on health
10.              Know the distinction between healthy and unhealthy practices
11.              Inter relation between surroundings and private health
12.             Know yourself and your health

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